Access Scholarship Recipients Receive Certificates

On November 20, U.S. Embassy Charge d’Affaires Larry L. Memmott welcomed to the Embassy 60 young Bolivians selected to receive the Access Scholarship, and their parents. During event, Mr. Memmott congratulated the students for winning the Access English language scholarships, a program serving people in over 85 countries worldwide, which currently benefits more than 95,000 students.

Mr. Memmott remarked: “You have been chosen on the basis of your own merit from a long list of candidates. The selection has not been easy, but we are very happy to know that you will greatly benefit from this scholarship program.”   The Access Scholarship program is a public diplomacy initiative that shows the commitment to education and cultural understanding between the U.S. and Bolivia. The scholarships cover two years of study at the CBA bi-national center in Cochabamba for outstanding students.