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Adult Passport Renewal (In Person)
April 8, 2021

If you have already scheduled an appointment, you may cancel your appointment by clicking here or by sending an email to ConsularLaPazACS@state.gov or to ConsularSantaCruz@state.gov.  If you must cancel, we ask that you do so at least 24 hours prior to the start of your scheduled appointment.  There is no charge for making or cancelling an appointment.

Replacing Bolivian Immigration Entry Stamps

In cases of passports that have been lost or stolen, travelers will not have the Bolivian visa with which they entered Bolivia.  Therefore, travelers must obtain another visa from Bolivian immigration before exiting Bolivia.


Generally, immediate family members may accompany passport or CRBA applicants to their appointment interviews at a U.S. embassy or consulate, and all minor children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Passport or CRBA applicants also have the option of being accompanied by an attorney at their appointment interview. Attendees may not engage in any conduct that interferes with the adjudication process and/or otherwise materially disrupts the appointment interview. Failure to observe these parameters will result in a warning to the attendee and, if ignored, the attendee may be asked to leave the appointment interview and/or the premises, as appropriate. It would then be the applicant’s choice whether to continue the appointment interview without the attendee present, subject to the consular officer’s discretion to terminate the appointment interview. The safety and privacy of all applicants awaiting consular services, as well as of consular and embassy personnel, is of paramount consider