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American Movie Nights Kicks off with Blade Runner
January 28, 2019

Movie Blade Runner


On January 22, over 100 movie lovers enjoyed Ridley Scott’s Tech noir masterpiece Blade Runner (1982) as part of American Movie Nights at the Cinemateca in La Paz.  Combining an excellent performance from a young Harrison Ford, groundbreaking music from Vangelis, and Ridley Scott’s vision of a dystopian 2019 Los Angeles, Blade Runner is an adaptation of the book ¿Sueñan los androides con ovejas eléctricas? by U.S. author Philip K. Dick.  The film and the book look to a future that wasn’t to ask the hardest question: what does it mean to be human?

Each month, the Cinemateca and the U.S. Embassy are partnering to offer free showings of the very best in U.S. film. (include image of schedule)  Join us, we’re buying the popcorn!