Commercial Services

International Company Profile

Need background information on a Bolivian company?

International Company Profiles provide background reports on local firms. Our commercial specialists can analyze the overall strength of a company and provide useful information collected from industry contacts, local press, and other sources. Reports like these are required by many export financing organizations.

We provide:

A detailed background report on a prospective Bolivian sales representative or partner in 10 business days or less.
A listing of the company’s senior management.
Banking and other financial information about the company.
Our insight on whether the prospective partner can meet your needs.
Our opinion as to the strength of the company versus its competitors.
Our insight into the strength of the industry in your target market.

International Partner Search

Want to increase sales through distributors and other strategic partners?

International Partner Searches put our commercial specialists to work finding suitable licensees, distributors, agents, and strategic partners. You provide marketing materials and background on your company, and we identify potential partners and provide you with detailed descriptions of up to five pre-screened firms.

You will:

Save valuable time and money by working only with pre-screened potential partners that best meet your needs.
Receive detailed information about prospective partners, plus key information about the marketability of your products and services.
Get all this information in just 15 working days.
Have the choice of contacting interested firms on your own or requesting additional assistance through our Gold Key Service.

Gold Key Service

Interested in meeting pre-screened potential clients and/or partners?

Get the most out of your next business trip by scheduling meetings in advance. The Gold Key Service is a customized service for finding potential agents, distributors, sales representatives, and other business partners.

You will receive:

Assistance with travel, accommodations, and translations.
Appointments with potential clients and/or business partners.
Customized market and industry briefings with Embassy staff in advance of business meetings.
Market research on your industry sector.
Video conference options if your schedule does not permit international travel.
Post-meeting debriefings with Embassy staff to discuss results of meetings and assistance in developing appropriate follow-up strategies.

For information on these and other customized services, please contact Commercial Assistant Luisa San Martin at (591-2) 216-8986