Embassy’s IRC runs two-day social media Tech Camp for entrepreneurs

From June 26 to 27, Hans Mendoz, director of the Embassy’s Information and Reference Center, led a two-day “Programa del Tech Camp para Emprendedores” in Sucre aimed at educating local entrepreneurs on social media. The Program was hosted by Sucre’s Binational Center, and was in partnership with the Chuquisaca department’s Chamber of Exporters (CADEXCH). 20 participants attended the Program, which began with an overview of social media and then focused on the platforms Facebook and Twitter. Mendoza also spoke of the Embassy’s own experience on social media as a practical example. The Program culminated in each participant creating a year-long social media strategy for their business, which they presented to the rest of the group. At the beginning, only two participants had a social media strategy for their business; at the end, all participants had developed one.