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"Fake News": Journalists Travel to Learn How to Fight Them
August 19, 2019


A group of 12 journalists from all over Bolivia traveled to the United States and Argentina with the International Leading Visitor Program (IVLP) in August. They explored the ways in which media and organizations in both countries are fighting fake news, which flood social networks, especially during electoral processes.

Information professionals held meetings at the Poynter Institute, Nielsen Global Technology and Innovation Center, Trust Project, Credibility Coalition, Knight Center for Journalism, Infobae, and Chequeando in Buenos Aires, St. Petersburg, San Francisco, and Austin

“It was a very relevant program because Bolivia is entering the toughest period of the electoral campaign, prior to the October presidential elections. Our concern relates to discovering how fake news, other messages of doubtful origin, or photographs out of context spread more strongly and quickly through the networks during electoral processes. It is a challenge, for journalists and all other citizens, to learn how to identify fake news and stop their distribution,” said one of the participants.