Sports Diplomacy Delights Bolivian Youth and Media on National Soccer Envoy Tour

futbolFrom November 2-7, Embassy La Paz organized a four-city sports diplomacy tour with two former national/professional U.S. Soccer players, Tony Sanneh and Zola Solamente. The Envoys, supported through ECA’s Sports United Program, conducted clinics with over 800 enthusiastic Bolivian youth at soccer schools and after-school soccer programs in at-risk neighborhoods. A true private-public partnership, Embassy La Paz worked with U.S. based NGO One World Futbol and Chevrolet to donate 5,500 all-terrain soccer balls to 13 Bolivian nonprofit organizations (view video here) as part of the Sports Envoy program. A program highlight was a clinic with more than 200 youth at the Metro Youth Center in El Alto, a community center for vulnerable children in an area where the Embassy is increasing programming. Chargé Brennan delivered remarks, donated 150 soccer balls, and conducted interviews with three television stations. Deputy Assistant Secretary Alex Lee also attended the event and participated in photo opportunities. The Bolivian national media covered the Sports Envoy program extensively through print, television, and radio.