A Step Back for Democracy in Bolivia


Office of the Spokesperson

For Immediate Release


November 29, 2017

A Step Back for Democracy in Bolivia

The United States is deeply concerned by the November 28 ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal of Bolivia to declare inapplicable provisions of the country’s constitution that prohibit elected officials, including the President, from serving more than two consecutive terms.  The decision disregards the will of the Bolivian people as confirmed in recent referenda.

Twice in the last decade, the Bolivian people have expressed their opposition to the concept of indefinite reelection for elected officials: first in 2009, through their overwhelming vote in favor of the current constitution; and again in a 2016 referendum, when they rejected an initiative to overturn the constitutional provision that imposes the two-term limit on the President.  The Bolivian people have spoken clearly on this question.  The United States stands with them in calling on the current Bolivian government to respect the outcome of those referenda, as the voice of the people, consistent with their constitutional requirements.