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Sustainable Fashion and Fair Trade
April 8, 2019

A group of participants

Surrounded by the brilliant colors and Andean motifs of artist Mamani Mamani, U.S. Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Marianne Scott welcomed representatives of international magazine VOGUE and Global Fashion Exchange. The delegation included José Forteza Senior Editor Vogue and GQ Latin America; Cristina Chamorro, Digital Editor of Vogue Mexico; influencer Ana Torrejón, Editorial Director of Argentine publication L’Officiel; Aldo Decaniz, Vogue México Street Style Photographer, and others. The event brought together acclaimed Bolivian high fashion designers and entrepreneurs to discuss the recent trend of sustainable fashion and fair trade. Several renowned Bolivian couturiers will present a catwalk for the visiting international press representatives. In the next few days, VOGUE representatives will travel to Santa Cruz for a haute-couture event, organized byDiseño y Autores Bolivianos (DAB), directed by Juan Carlos Pereira.