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May 6, 2021

Infographic: US contribution to COVAX
Infographic: US contribution to COVAX

The United States congratulates Bolivia and celebrates the arrival of 228,000 Covid vaccines doses under the COVAX mechanism. The US is committed to leading the global response to COVID-19, including by supporting global vaccine distribution through COVAX. This first shipment is part of the 5 million free vaccines that Bolivia will receive through this mechanism.

The US, through its international cooperation agency USAID, leads the world as Gavi’s largest contributor to COVAX. To date, our $2 billion support represents nearly forty percent of all commitments to GAVI/COVAX.

The US will contribute an additional $2 billion to COVAX by 2022, totaling  $4 billion. However, we cannot do this alone. We urge other countries to increase their financial and in-kind contributions to COVAX.

We are proud to have already contributed $140 billion to global health programs just in the first 20 years of this millennium.