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The United States Delivers More Pfizer Vaccines to Bolivia
December 16, 2021

Press Release
Press Release

December 16, 2021

U.S. Information Officer fist bumps an INLASA worker.
U.S. Information Officer Luke Ortega fist bumps an INLASA worker, after the delivery of almost 1 million Pfizer vaccines donated by the U.S. Government.

As part of its continuous COVID-19 support to the people of Bolivia, the United States delivered today a delivery of almost one million Pfizer vaccines. The vaccines amounted to 999,180 doses and arrived in La Paz through COVAX.

Worker carries Pfizer vaccines to a deep freezer for conservation.
Worker carries Pfizer vaccines to a deep freezer for conservation. These vaccines are part of the more than 3.2 Million donated by the U.S. so far.

To date, the United States has delivered to Bolivia 3.2 million doses of vaccines produced by U.S. companies Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer and will deliver more than one million additional doses early next year. The United States has also provided more than $10 million to the Bolivian health sector to improve availability of oxygen treatment and accelerated testing.

Globally, the United States has donated more than 317 million vaccines to 110 countries. This historic effort is part of President Biden’s commitment to share more than 1.2 billion vaccines with countries around the world.

With the goal of saving lives worldwide, the United States has committed $4 billion to support the COVAX mechanism, which makes the United States the world’s largest contributor to COVAX.