Profile of Services Available in Bolivia

Bolivian law usually requires burial of an un-embalmed body within 36 hours, 24 hours in case of infectious disease, which underlines the importance of prompt action, since no subsequent final disposition of the remains can be made until instructions are received from the closest relative.  If there is no Next-of-Kin or interested third party in Bolivia to make arrangements, the body must quickly be transported to a refrigerated storage facility.

  • Embalming:
    Embalming is carried out in accordance with local laws.  In most cases, the services fall short of those expected in the United States.
  • Cremation:
    There is no time limit within which remains must be cremated.
  • Autopsies:
    An autopsy is performed in cases involving violent or suspected violent death (murder, suicide or accidental).  It is also performed in cases of natural death when it occurs in circumstances that are not clear (sudden or unexpected deaths).