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U.S. Government Officially Recognizes Singani As A Type Of Brandy That Is A Distinctive Product Of Bolivia
January 13, 2023

United States Embassy Chargé d’Affaires Jarahn Hillsman reported that starting today singani will be officially recognized in the United States as a distinctive Bolivian distilled spirit and will carry the “Made in Bolivia” seal.

“This is a major cause for celebration for all Bolivian grape growers and singani producers and for trade between Bolivia and the United States,” Hillsman said. “The work of grape growers and singani makers has been key to achieving this recognition and today I toast to that effort and vision focused on finding opportunities in the U.S. market, the largest market worldwide. It is also an example of the great economic opportunities and benefits, including job creation, that emerge when government and private sector work together,” he said.

In 2021, the United States bought 75% of all Bolivian singani exports and in the past 10 years, singani exports to the U.S. increased by 422%. However, up to this day the spirit had to be labeled “Bolivian brandy.” Currently, the sector maintains about 5,000 permanent jobs, in vineyard fields and wineries, employing 3,500 grape-producing families, 95% of them agricultural workers. Wine and singani production in Bolivia uses domestic grapes exclusively and is the most important productive sector in southern Bolivia.

As a result of the recognition and new labeling, only Bolivian producers will be allowed to use the label “singani” in the U.S. and this spirit will proudly represent Bolivia in the U.S. market. It is estimated that singani sales will increase in the United States, thus increasing profits for Bolivian distilleries and vine farmers while creating more jobs in Bolivia. The area cultivated with grapes in Bolivia is estimated at 5,000 hectares, distributed in Tarija, Santa Cruz, Chuquisaca, La Paz, Cochabamba, and Potosí departments.

For more information see: Federal Register :: Addition of Singani to the Standards of Identity for Distilled Spirits