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United States, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia Respond to Anomalies in Bolivia’s Presidential Election
October 25, 2019

Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and the United States believe that the Bolivian people have the right to choose their leaders in free and fair elections. This right is enshrined in the Inter-American Democratic Charter and in the Bolivian constitution. We are therefore deeply concerned over the anomalies in the vote counting process of Bolivia’s October 20 election.

We urge Bolivian electoral authorities to work with the Organization of American States Electoral Observation Mission to guarantee a transparent and credible vote-counting process. In the event that the EOM is unable to verify the results of the first round, then we call on the Government of Bolivia to restore credibility to its electoral system by proceeding to hold a second round of elections with the top-two vote winners that is free, fair, transparent and credible.

Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and the United States, along with the community of democracies worldwide, will only recognize results that actually reflect the will of the Bolivian people.

In the interim, we call for calm and continued respect for the rule of law. The world is watching Bolivia’s institutions and leaders to ensure that the voice and will of the Bolivian people are honored.

Source:  USOAS website: https://usoas.usmission.gov/oas-addresses-electoral-crisis-in-bolivia/