Second Edition of the Contest: “Sembrando Ideas Verdes”

ideas-verdesThe winners of the “Sembrando Ideas Verdes” contest were 2 projects of the Universidad Amazonica de Pando, the first winning project was presented by Raul Magne and Mijael Barbery who proposed to produce recycled paper from banana waste and simultaneously raise farmers’ awareness about recycling; the second winning project was elaborated by Fredy Cuaquira and Hader Angel Oquendo and seeks to produce bio diesel to give electricity to the university shelter of the University of Pando, using the fried chicken residue oil from the Cobija restaurants.
For the second consecutive year, the United States Embassy sponsored the “Sembrando Ideas Verdes” competition that seeks to stimulate green innovation among Bolivian university students.

Thirty-three public and private universities presented 27 projects of which six were shortlisted, the winners stood out for their innovative and sustainable projects for the environment, the prize of four thousand dollars for each one will allow them to implement their projects for the benefit of their Communities.